Helping Our Community Heal

If you’re feeling a sense of overwhelm, loss or are unsure of what to do during this time of community trauma in relation to the shooting of Patrick Lyoya, there are a number of options in our community to take action for positive change.  

  • West Michigan Works!
    • Provides refugee and immigrant employment services if you are hiring and want to support the various communities that call Grand Rapids home.  
  • West Michigan Friendship Center:
    • A bit outside of Downtown, but a great venue in which to build community, connection and conversations to find similarities across people.  
  • Treetops Collective:
    • Has multiple volunteer options to connect refugees to opportunities to pursue their gifts, skills and dreams.  
  • Boston Square Neighborhood Association:
    • The neighborhood in which the shooting occurred just opened up their brick and mortar space for a collaborative community! Support their work on Saturday, May 7 at 9 AM to help clean, paint, move furniture, and outfit the new space. The new community space is located at 1549 Kalamazoo Ave. SE. 

Please email me with other options if you know of them! This information will be updated as more opportunities are shared.