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Be At Home in a Living City

The Downtown neighborhoods we know and love have served as a 9-to-5 business district since the mid-1900s. With nearly 5,000 apartments and condos, and more on the way, Downtown Grand Rapids aspires to offer a wide range of housing choices and a place for everyone.

Basic questions to ask before starting your housing search includes:

  • Do I know which area of Downtown or the near neighborhoods is of interest?
  • Do I hope to rent or own?
  • Do I want to live in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?
  • Do I have pets?

Grand Rapids Neighborhoods

We have only included background on the near neighborhoods that are Downtown adjacent. The DNN focuses on multi-unit living such as condos or apartments.


Estimated Downtown Neighbors


Average 1 Bedroom Rental Price


Average Condo Sale Price Per Square Foot

Find Your Perfect Location

Each of the central city neighborhoods offers its own distinct character and options for both renters and buyers. Click through to your neighborhood of interest to see available resident spaces and to filter by type.

Need More Help?

Are you relocating to Grand Rapids and need someone who knows all about Downtown living and can help you find your fit? These realtors work in the Downtown Market and know their stuff.