Downtown ambassadors

Helping Hands Around the Neighborhood

The Downtown Ambassadors are a unique service available across (most) of the neighborhood. The Ambassadors are the helping hands who keep the neighborhood clean, beautiful, and friendly.

Ambassadors are on the job 7 days per week removing trash and graffiti, reporting the crime to GRPD, planting and watering the greenery, and otherwise making sure the neighborhood is in tip-top condition.

Call (616) 250-8263 to reach the Ambassador on duty. Downtown Ambassadors are on call Monday – Saturday, 7 am -11 pm and Sundays, 9 am – 5:30 pm. Additionally, the Ambassadors have a Resident Engagement team who assist with neighbor-specific needs. 

ambassador duties

Downtown Ambassador duties include but are not limited to:

  • Help visitors with directions & information
  • Engage & support Downtown neighbors
  • Support Downtown business owners & managers
  • Help connect social services to people who need them
  • Report crime to the Grand Rapids Police Department
  • Assist people moving around Downtown
  • Monitor & report streetscape repair issues
  • Remove trash & graffiti from Downtown
  • Plant & water Downtown flowers & greenery
  • Clear snow from parking meters, bus stops & fire hydrants
  • Public restroom cleaning & maintenance

Ambassador services are made possible by the Downtown Improvement District and the Downtown Development Authority.

Ambassador Highlights

2023 Results


Trash Bags Collected


Plants and Flowers Planted


Cigarette Butts
Collected & Recycled


Incidents of
Graffiti Removed


Weeds Pulled