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Downtown Community Garden Coming Spring 2024

What's New:

Green thumbs wanted! Downtown Neighbors understand the ecological importance of working together for a green future.

In 2024, we’re starting with a community garden! Join your neighbors in growing your own fruit, vegetables, or pollinator plants.

If you are interested in helping create a community garden, read more about it below! Check out the blog posts linked at the bottom of the page for the updates and announcements. And make sure to sign up at the bottom to receive updates and news about the garden and upcoming meetings!

If you are interested in applying for the garden, please complete this form ( to share more about yourself!


Why It Matters:

By creating a Community Garden, we are hoping to provide a way to grow affordable and fresh produce, promote food security in our city, educate people on successful gardening, and create a beautiful green space out of an unused parking lot. Our focus is on bringing the community together by providing an accessible, educational, and community-built garden.


Dig Deeper:

Location: The garden will be located at 250 Seward Avenue NW, also the site of the Las Canchas futsal courts. It will be at the northernmost space of the lot, right by the DASH bus stop.

About: The garden will consist of up to 50 raised beds for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits, or herbs. Some of the plots will be allocated for people to grow for personal use and some for sponsors to grow for the public to take. The garden site will have a shed stocked with tools for gardeners to use. There will be water on site for watering the plants and pollinator gardens to attract beneficial wildlife.


  • November – December 2023: planning & outreach
  • January – February 2024: continue planning, host educational classes & workshops, begin assigning plots, purchase equipment, build the garden. 
  • March 2024 – collect applications for garden plots 
  • May 2024: start planting, continue hosting educational events.
  • September 2024: begin harvesting, host canning & pickling classes.

Check back to this page for updates about the garden, upcoming meetings, and important dates/events! Make sure to fill out the form below if you want to get updates and events directly to your inbox!

Plots will be assigned based on multiple criteria. Priority will be given to applicants who live Downtown in multi-unit buildings without yards or spaces designated for growing plants. 

Downtown Community Garden

Tell us a little bit more about you and your gardening goals! This form will help us contact interested neighbors and keep you updated on progress of the garden, upcoming meetings, and important dates!